One Minute Summary

(a.k.a. 60 seconds to serenity)

Following a successful Kickstarter Campaign ($20K+ raised),
NONTACT is pivoting to pursue its global health mission:


Real Life: Washing your hands every time you touch a nasty public surface is NOT easy.

Impact: Stress & anxiety from spreading around all that filth before getting to a sink or sanitizer...and then dealing with the leftover cross-contamination.

How cross-contamination works

Recent science on
COVID-contaminated surfaces


Whether you’re anxious about germs, or just grossed out by fecal residue in restroom stalls,
getting this contamination on your hands (and then spreading it to your pockets/phone/face)
is completely preventable.

Never cringe or retreat from public surfaces. Ever. Again.

NONTACT silicone grasping mitt smart simple everyday PPE
  • Reduce exposure to viruses like COVID-19, bacteria, and other infectious microbes on ALL public high-touch surfaces
  • Touch/Hold/Push/Pull without then anxiously seeking a sink or sanitizer*
  • Cancel Cross-Contamination: Grasping side “self-quarantines” to seal off the germs/dirt between uses

*note that NONTACT is not a substitute for handwashing



“The coronavirus has really affected my patients. Fear of germs is no joke – an accessory like this would help them to leave their homes despite their anxiety.”

Dr Joseph B, Clinical Psychologist
“This is exactly what I need outside the hospital – my hands have gotten SO damaged from sanitizing after touching basically anything.”
Dr Tasia G, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist
“I love it, especially from a practical standpoint. Sure I’m concerned about COVID, but after routine things like pumping gas (when I KNOW it’s been ages since that handle was cleaned) I hate having to go searching for a sink!”
Beryl H, Yoga Instructor
“I think this product is so important right now, even just for the peace of mind…I use mine everyday, and my parents LOVE theirs!”
Raymond L, Medical Devices Executive

“We’ve been extreme recluses so it’s the f’ing door knobs on the rare outings for necessities I believe (even though we sanitize)”

Susan K, Consumer Marketing Executive


NONTACT was conceived through borderline-OCD and unfortunate necessity…and raised up in the early days of COVID-19.

Our “hyper-awareness” of germs (e.g., rushing to wash our hands after flipping through a menu) goes back years.

Then came COVID-19…and since you can’t always get stuff delivered, you have to venture out – and touch public surfaces (!!!)

So what now?  Who wants to carry around a box of tissues or latex gloves…or a vat of hand sanitizer?  Can you even find hand sanitizer during a pandemic??

  • Flexible hand covering made of sturdy,  impermeable silicone (proven to resist microbial growth)

  • Pocket-sized accessory

  • One-size-fits-all: Worn over thumb and 1-4 fingertips


Impermeable shield of high grade silicone, a proven barrier to all microbes
Leave your anxiety behind whenever you leave your home
Use, use, use, clean, reuse…repeat. Eliminate waste, even during a global pandemic

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